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Great attic renovation ideas
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A perfect place!

A new project by Agroinvest from Novi Sad, Salaš 84, has been proclaimed a Perfect Place at the competition organised by CHF International Serbia (in cooperation with ACDI-VOCA, ADF and Mercy Corps International) within the scope of the USAID CRDA programme. It means that this beautiful tourist complex is officially one of ten best places in Serbia along the famous Corridor 10, i.e. the E-75 motorway. A special brochure by CHF International, primarily aimed at those travelling to the Olympics in Greece by car or coach through Serbia, Show pictureofficially recommends Salaš 84 as a perfect place that must be paid a visit to! Apart from Salaš 84 and among around 200 applications from Serbia, Vojvodina is also represented by Palić, Zobnatica and Carska bara. When one compares the traditions of Palić, Zobnatica and Carska bara with the fact that only three years passed between the moment when the idea was conceived and the end of the fist phase of construction and furnishing, it becomes clear that this is a strong and flexible private initiative which yields positive business results.

Corridor 10

Show pictureSalaš 84 is just 8.5 km away from the E-75 motorway. In order to reach this perfect place, you need to drive to Novi Sad and take the road which leads to Zrenjanin, and then make another turn onto an old asphalt road which used to connect Banat, Bačka and Srem and was the main road in Vojvodina. The tree-lined road to Salaš will take you there in no time. The big gate of Salaš has a thatched roof – just like it had several centuries ago. Wood, stone, brick and thatch are the materials chosen to dominate the premises, since they completely relive the shape and appearance of the past.

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